How I Lost 100lbs in 1 year

By Working Hard
with decision making
and physical exertion

Do you want to loose some weight? I did and always will. This is a live long decision to be healthy and keep unwanted fat off your body. 

I have gotten fat and skinny a few times in my life and the most profound was gaining 100lbs combined after having my first and second kid. How did that happen? Crazy. 

So let’s GO, this is how I did it –


Day 1

Eat as you normally do but today you will record all the calories you eat and drink.

What number did you get?

Any calories less you’ll loose weight. If you want to loose weight fast try to eat 1300 calories a day.

Day 2

and Everyday after

7:30am – I start off the morning by drinking 32oz of water mixed with 1 lemon squeezed and a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. This is a good detox but if you’d prefer to just drink water than that is great too!

Next I use my DeLonghi Espresso machine to make a cappuccino with 2 shots and a splash of steamed milk and at the same time I make a french press coffee with the number set to 2 on my burr grinder. The coffee I drink is Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark Roast. I can drink this all day without feeling like I am going to die. 

Around 11:30am ( 30 minutes before I am going to workout ) I drink 32oz of water. 


I try not to eat until after my workout.

Reality is I have 2 kids who eat ALOT so by this time I have likely already made 2 or 3 of the following meals: cereal | bagel with cream cheese | bacon, eggs & toast | macaroni and cheese | quesadilla | fried rice


Food will be there tomorrow and you do not need to eat it just because it's in front of you - if you do not already know this - you will learn soon.


There is no way around working out if you ask me, NIKE (Just Do It.) 

1:00pm – First thing I eat/drink is Orgain Organic Protein Shake

I like to do 1 scoop and I share with my 3 year old. 

70 calories for the shake + 30 calories in coffee = 1200 calories left

I usually eat chips and salsa – 13 tortilla chips = 160 calories and salsa is a freebie | 1040 calories left

By now I am hungry and I eat something. Check out some of my low calorie food recipes HERE


Check out this blog to learn more 0 calories food options | My favorite is Pickles

1/2 Tuna Fish Sandwich = 100 calories for bread + 1 can tuna = 150 calories

I just made my Thai Chicken Pizza and although this one is one of my “expensive” food options it is very satisfying! 420 calories later and now I can only drink about 5 Michelob Ultra Pure Gold beers. 

I like to drink beer so I split the 1300 calories up depending on how much beer I want to drink that day. Sometimes I like 700 calories of beer. If you don’t drink alcohol that is fantastic, more food for you and you’re way healthier than me!

Here is the light at the end of the tunnel – when you start to look and feel good you can eat a little more because remember 1300 calories is to loose weight fast so you can have some more calories to just maintain and not loose.

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